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In the rapidly developing world of nutrition, it is often difficult to sort through the information we read and hear in the media, to know what is best for ourselves and our children, to eat. 

Fleur works in the child nutrition field, as well as being a parent herself, so has experience of weaning right through to secondary school aged children. 

Fleur works with children from 4-18 in schools, giving health promotion talks as well as conducting cooking workshops to teach children basic nutrition and food preparation skills.

For your family, Fleur can:

  • Give you tools and skills to support you in feeding your child a balanced diet
  • Offer nutritionally balanced family meal plans, if required 
  • Assistance in planning a special diet, be that a vegan diet or a diet with respect of food allergies, for example
  • Advice on how to deal with picky eating, empowering you as parents to offer a variety of foods and work through difficult times

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