About Me

Registered Associate Nutritionist

I am a registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (AfN), which means I have undergone rigorous training by completing an accredited course at university. 

Since the term 'Nutritionist' can be used by anybody, it is essential that before you work with a Nutritionist you check the AfN's register to make sure they're on there. If they aren't they could have simply studied nutrition over a weekend and call themselves a Nutritionist - not quite the same as 3 years at uni!

I grew up in rural Kent before travelling the world and spending a year in Australia, where I became obsessed with food and nutrition, in a good way! It seemed that Australia were way ahead of us here in the UK, as far as the link between food and our health goes, so planned to return home to start studying.

I studied Human Nutrition at the University of Greenwich, London, before completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health at Christ Church University, Canterbury.

I work with a London council to ensure their school meals are the high standard they should be, championing healthy food and variety. I deliver school assemblies and workshops, centred around positive healthy eating messages, in an effort to educate kids on how great many foods are for us, and that we should give them a go! I also advise how to cater for children with allergies, to ensure everyone is offered a lunch, whatever their dietary requirements.

I love to cook and make as funky packed lunches for my two kids as I can, so they are my guinea pigs! They're very honest so tell me straight whether the food was any good or not! 

You can usually find me Instagramming the kids' packed lunches, where I try and strike a balance between fun, healthy and satisfying foods that will give them pleasure and nourishment.

I am a health-promoter, not a body-shamer or the food police. I believe we all have individual tastes and body types, so one size really doesn't fit all.