Why see a nutritionist?

Everyone is unique and has different reasons for coming to see a Nutritionist, so it really is a bespoke service

Below is a list of specific services, however you may be looking for a combination of services, so get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

We keep things realistic, achievable and personalised to the client, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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Weight Management


Working with you to implement a sustainable strategy to lose or gain weight. Fleur believes in achieving weight goals by making subtle changes over time, rather than rapid restrictive practices, in order to create positive long lasting lifestyle change.

Family Nutrition


Working with you and your family to set and achieve your specific goals.  Family meal plans are also available for those who are looking for some cooking inspiration, safe in the knowledge that recipes are nutritionally balanced for a thriving family.

Food Shopping


Fleur can take you through the supermarket, showing you hacks to shop smart in order to achieve your particular goals.  This may also include food label education to empower you to be able to choose the right products for your needs in future. 

Your Kitchen


Offering tweaks to your current food purchasing, storage, preparation or cooking practice, in your own kitchen, to make it easier to achieve your personal health goals. 



Tailored to your requirements, Fleur can offer a wide range of age appropriate workshops to empower students with knowledge about how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. 

Brand Consultancy


Whether you are a food manufacturer looking to reduce sugar in your products or a restaurant wishing to improve the variety of plant based dishes on the menu, consulting a nutritionist can offer practical guidance, while being mindful of your budget.

'Fleur is very positive and encouraging, which made my whole experience beneficial..' - M.C.

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Disclaimer: Nutritionists do not claim to treat or diagnose medical conditions. If you have a medical condition, you must contact your GP.